What is SPF?


Spray Polyurethane Foam insulation is a 2 part high performance and superior form of insulation for homes, commercial, and industrial buildings. It has exceptional sound quieting properties and adds significant overall building strength making your structure safer and more comfortable. Not only does spray foam insulation offer significant savings on heating and cooling, filling in every nook and cranny it also creates an airtight barrier, giving your family allergen and mold free air to breath.


Spray foam insulation has the shortest payback period and the highest return on investment over any other Energy Star rated building product. Within three years spray foam will not only pay for itself, but will offer years of returns on your investment.


Spray foam can be applied to more surfaces than you expected. It adheres to any dry surface such as wood, metal, sheetrock, stone, and plastic. Not only is spray foam the best for interior insulation but it is the best and quickest solution for roofing because it is permeable, lightweight, and fully adherent. A spray foamed roof is seamless, eliminating the major source of leaks at joints, seams, and holes. 


Benefits of SPF

Fills all seams and gaps and stops all air leaks. This keeps cold air out during the winter and the heat out during the summer. 


Prevents condensation in metal buildings which can lead to mold growth as well as damaging the contents of the building. a flash coat of 3/4 to 1 inch can prevent this.


Blocks rodents and other pests. You don't have to worry about pests burrowing in a making nests. 


Stays in place. Other forms of insulation such as fiberglass or cellulose settle and sag over time creating “cold spots” because of lack of coverage. SPF adheres and never settles.


Sound proofing. Open and closed cell SPF are both great at reducing sound. 


Great investment in the value of you home.


Reduces utility bills by around 40%. With all air leak filled and at least 2 inches of solid insulation you will see lower utility bills all year round.


SPF also can add structural strength to buildings. NAHB Research demonstrated SPF filled walls could add from 75% to 200% racking strength to walls of OSB, plywood, light gauge metal, vinyl siding or gypsum board.


Higher R-value. The R-Value measurement of insulation refers to the level at which the insulation prevents heat transfer. SPF has the highest R-value of any other form of insulation. 


A denser foam makes a strong, reliable, low maintenance, and efficient roof coating. Spray foam and coating is a true waterproofing system preventing leaks and rust. When applied it creates a seamless barrier so you don't have to worry about seams and gaps leaking and causing major problems.

               Attics and Basements

Most homeowners don't know how poorly their attics, crawlspaces, and basements are insulated. Over and over we have seen bare box sills, attic slats, and soffits. So much air is leaking in and out along with pesky insects and rodents. Seal your home and watch your utility bills drop immediately. 

                     Livestock Buildings

Enclosed or open, SPF can easily be applied to a new or existing livestock building. By applying SPF on an open sided covered building, condensation won't disturb the livestock and temperatures can drop by 10 degrees during the hot summers. Insulate an enclosed cattle, swine, and poultry building and heating and cooling becomes much more efficient. 


Happier animals produce higher yields. 

          Tanks, Ductwork, and Pipes

SPF can be applied directly on metal or plastic tanks, ducts, and pipes for protection and insulation.  It helps maintain temperature and humidity, protects from bruising, and seals against weather. Whatever the industry and whatever your storing, SPF will enhance the strength and efficiency of your tank, duct, and pipes. 

More Uses of SPF

  • Aircrafts

  • Boats, flotation

  • Bridges, underside insulation

  • Campers

  • Cold storage, cooler, walk-in, freezer

  • Privacy walls

  • Rail cars

  • Semi trailers

  • Dock, floating

  • Exterior walls

  • Storage compartment​s

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